Fun Fall Activities For Seniors

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The weather is cooler, the nights are getting shorter and the holiday period is just around the corner.

For a lot of senior people, fall can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. The season not only provides plenty of stunning scenery and cooler temperatures but it is also about family and spending time with those who are closest to you.

There are plenty of enjoyable activities that a senior can do during the fall months and these are just a few examples:


Knitting is one of the best hobbies a senior can take up during fall. Not only does it sharpen up your brain and promote creativity, but it can also bring a huge sense of reward when you see your finished piece of work.

It can also be a great way of meeting new people. Check if there are any local knitting clubs in your community and if there isn’t, you could even consider starting one up yourself.

It can also be a practical way to save your family some money during the colder months as you can knit them hats, gloves scarves, and blankets.

Trick or Treat ; Halloween

While going out and getting dressed up for Halloween is probably best saved for children, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the Halloween spirit now that you’re in your senior years.

Decorating your house for Halloween can be a lot of fun and it is something that your grandchildren are definitely going to appreciate it. Stocking up on Halloween goodies for the children in the neighborhood is also a really nice idea and can be a nice way to keep yourself involved in Halloween.

You can also get involved with other fun Halloween activities like carving pumpkins with your grandchildren and helping them create their own costumes.

Halloween Movie night

Fall is synonymous with a dip in temperature and with that comes the perfect excuse to spend some time curled up with a blanket in front of a fire.

The change in weather can make it difficult for seniors to get out and about as much during the fall months so it can be a nice idea to have their family come to them. Hosting a movie night with your grandchildren can be a great way of spending some time with them and taking advantage of being indoors for long periods.

With Halloween taking place during the fall, holding a fun horror movie night can be a great new family tradition. Of course, the movies should be suitable for all ages and should be fun and engaging. This can also be accompanied by some homemade Halloween treats.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Other than Halloween, the other big holiday that takes place during fall is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to spend time with your family and there is still a lot of fun you can have during this period as a senior. If you live away from your family then you should discuss with them whether it is going to be possible to spend Thanksgiving with them. If not, then you and your family should see if your local community is holding any sort of Thanksgiving events for seniors.

Here are some of the best things a senior can do during Thanksgiving:

Bake pies and help with the cooking: Baking can be a great way for seniors to spend their time and some seniors may even want to have some sort of baking contest with their friends and family.

Prepare Thanksgiving decorations: Another way to help promote creativity and keeping active is to get involved with preparing decorations for Thanksgiving. This can be decorations for around the house or decorations for the dinner table.

Football: Nothing says fall and Thanksgiving quite like the football season. Watching football at Thanksgiving is a huge tradition for a lot of families and just because you’re now a senior doesn’t mean you have to get any less involved. Hosting a football day around your house or seeing if your local community is holding any sort of football event can be an excellent way to have some fun and maybe meet some new people during the Thanksgiving period.

Go for a walk

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and is the perfect time to get out and about amongst nature. Taking a gentle stroll with some friends or family can be a lovely way to spend some time and there are also plenty of reports to suggest that doing this is good for both your body and mind.

The feeling of leaves crunching beneath your feet before watching a beautiful early sunset and heading home to curl up in front of a fire is one of the great joys in life, no matter what age you are.

Of course, depending on which part of the world you live in, the weather could be a little cold so it is best to make sure that you check out all of the weather conditions and dress appropriately before heading out for a walk. Make sure you keep an eye on the sunset as well as you don’t want to be walking around in the dark not knowing where you are. You should not go out walking late on your own and should carry a suitable phone for seniors so that you can make sure you can contact your family if you encounter any issues.

Make fall-related crafts

If you or your loved ones tend to be a little bit more creative then making fall-related crafts can be a great activity to help exercise your brain and to keep those creative juices flowing. This can also be a great way of spending time with your friends, families and loved ones and you can get all the members of the family involved, no matter what their age.

These crafts don’t have to be anything too difficult either. It could be as simple as doing some coloring or painting a picture, or maybe even creating stamps using apples and making your own fall baskets.

Another fun way of getting the creative juices flowing and using those brain muscles is to complete some fall-related puzzles. The season is renowned for producing beautiful scenery and a lot of puzzles related to the season are stunning and a nice way to challenge yourself.

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