Having a Great Daily Self Care Routine After 60

Daily care is vital to help seniors feel better about themselves. It will help them feel better both physically and mentally, instantly improving their mood. Seniors that have a daily care routine are more likely to pick up their Fanmi phone to call friends, maintain their health and they are less likely to have mental health disorders. Those routines do not happen overnight, however. Often, it takes planning and following a few helpful tips to have a great daily care routine.

Remember That It’s Daily

People often mistake daily care for self-care. They assume that doing a face mask once a week will suffice, but that is not enough. The body and mind need daily care to feel their best. Implementing several different ways to care for both of them is ideal for a successful daily care routine.


Exercise is an important part of caring for oneself. This does not mean that seniors should hit the gym for hours a day, though. Even moderate exercise can be helpful. Examples of small changes that seniors can make in their life include:

  • Parking further away from the store. When seniors park at the back of the parking lot, they will walk further to the store. This may not seem like much, but all those extra steps count towards the goal to get daily exercise.
  • Join a gym. Gyms are for people of every age, including seniors. Personal trainers can help keep people on track to ensure that they reach their fitness goals. Most gyms also offer several classes that are free for members, such as yoga.
  • Take the stairs. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another great way to get a little bit more exercise. Granted, most people will not want to walk up twenty flights of stairs, but walking up one flight of stairs to the next floor is a great idea that will not result in overexertion.
  • Walk with friends. Everything is more fun when it is done with friends. Scroll down the contacts list in your Fanmi phone, call a friend and see if they would like to go for a walk. Chances are that other seniors need to incorporate their own daily care routine as well.

Exercise helps release endorphins that will instantly improve one’s mood. Physical activity will also help lessen the effects of aging, making it an essential ingredient in any daily care routine.


Relaxing is another vital part of a daily self-care routine. Maintaining health management plans, increasing physical activity, and daily habits like keeping track of medication can be stressful. When seniors take the time to relax, they will enjoy life and have fewer physical symptoms of aging than their more stressed friends. These are great ways to relax every day:

  • Yoga remains an effective method of relaxation. It involves several poses that are designed to perfectly align the mind, body and soul to achieve balance. When seniors participate in yoga, they will enjoy improved mental and physical health.
  • Relaxation does not always mean taking a new class or learning various poses and techniques. Instead, seniors can practice mindful meditation regularly to clear their mind from stresses that make them feel unwell.
  • Bubble baths. Bubble baths are always a relaxing way to end the day. Fill the bathtub with warm water, bubbles and bath salts to ease the aches of arthritis and clear the mind. Baths can also be customized to suit individual needs. Seniors can utilize aromatherapy, herbal home remedies and essential oils to meet their own needs regarding physical ailments.

When seniors take the time to relax, they will instantly feel better. The body will be less stressed, resulting in fewer physical ailments than before. The mind will be clear so that seniors experience less stress. Relaxation should be incorporated into every daily care routine.

Beauty Routines

Beauty routines are important to maintain healthy skin, continue looking the best possible, and to feel better. When a person experiences a dip in their self-esteem, they often have more physical and mental health problems. Establishing a beauty routine can help address physical concerns that are associated with aging and increase self-esteem. Daily or weekly beauty routines can include:

  • Facials
  • Face masks
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Under-eye treatments
  • Skin tightening treatments

There are a plethora of beauty treatment options available that can help seniors feel relaxed and improve their self-esteem. When these are incorporated into a daily self-care routine, both men and women will feel better about themselves.


Practicing daily hygiene is an important part of self-care. This includes washing the face, brushing teeth and several other things that most people do daily. Many seniors have already established daily care routines before the age of 60, but sometimes those needs change. For example, a senior may have to care for dentures instead of brushing their teeth. It is important to include every aspect of personal hygiene in a daily self-care routine.

Seniors that are just getting started on a daily self-care routine are encouraged to get out their senior phone and call a few friends or their doctor to discuss this. They can learn about other people’s daily routines to discover what they might want to incorporate in theirs.

Eliminate Stress

Eliminating stress should be a part of everyone’s self-care routine. As people age, they often experience a wealth of new things, such as decreased mobility and a decrease in fine motor skills. This adds to a decline in physical and mental health. Investing in a senior phone with larger buttons can easily help seniors eliminate the stress that goes hand in hand with declining motor skills, and learning about ways to increase mobility will help seniors stay active.

Daily care routines should be established early in life, but as adults age they will need to modify their own daily care routines to accommodate their needs. Seniors are encouraged to follow these tips to ensure that all of their daily needs are being met.

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