How to Have an Amazing Staycation When You Are a Caregiver

Staycations are the vacation for people that are not able to get away. They provide the relaxation and feeling of rejuvenation that caregivers need but require no travel so that they can be close to loved ones as well. A staycation is a necessity for people that take care of other people, and these tips will help every staycation be amazing.

Find Respite Care

The first step in enjoying a staycation is to find respite care for a loved one. This could be a weekend at a care home or may involve hiring a home health care worker for the weekend. The important thing is that the respite care is capable of providing care, and that caregivers are comfortable with them. A staycation that is full of worry will be the opposite of amazing.

Limit Digital Contact

Turn the Fanmi phone on silent. Tell important colleagues that work will resume after the weekend. Block notifications for emails if necessary. Taking a break from the digital world will help a caregiver completely relax during their staycation, which is exactly what they need. This will give them a mental break, which can help them handle stress in a healthy manner in the future.

Plan the Staycation

Plan the staycation exactly as if it were a vacation. Instead of simply relaxing on the couch all day, it is time or caregivers to do something that is just for them. Some amazing staycation ideas are:

  • Spa Day. If heading out to a local spa is not practical, plan a spa day for home. Caregivers can give themselves a manicure and pedicure. Facials are relaxing and an essential part of any spa day as well. At the end of the day, run a relaxing bubble bath scented with lavender to give the perfect day a perfect ending.
  • Staycations do not always mean staying at home for the day. Instead, hit the town to score some amazing deals and pick up a few new outfits. The only rule is that you cannot purchase anything you need. For example, caregivers cannot go grocery shopping during their staycation, even if it falls into the shopping category.
  • Enjoy the Outdoors. Instead of staying inside for a staycation, get outside and get that blood pumping! Take a hike along a favorite trail, break out the bike or play a favorite sport. Getting active outside is proven to improve mood and release stress, both of which most full-time caregivers need.
  • Solo Date Night. A solo date night is a wonderful way for caregivers to treat themselves. Book reservations at your favorite restaurant and go to see the latest movie. Caregivers that are on a tight budget can still enjoy a personal date at home. Utilize a food delivery service, such as Door Dash, to order in for the night and rent a movie on YouTube for under five bucks. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up on the couch with a delicious meal and a wonderful movie.
  • Pretend You’re a Tourist. You don’t have to be on vacation to be a tourist. Break out your phone and find the coolest attractions and hidden gems in your city. Then, leave the house for the day. Turn off your Fanmi phone and get lost in tiny shops downtown that you have never been inside. Check out the cool café that just opened on the corner. Explore historical locations to discover interesting facts about the neighborhood.

After picking the theme of the staycation, do not forget to give it a start and end date. This will help caregivers enjoy the weekend more than anything because they will know when they go back to being a full-time caregiver. People that experience anxiety when they are not caring for loved ones need a staycation, but they also need to keep their end date in mind.

Go Shopping

Before a staycation, go shopping to prepare for the weekend. Pick up a few new outfits as if it were a weekend at a resort. Pick up anything needed for the staycation as well, such as bubble bath for a spa day. Try to enjoy preparing for the staycation as much as the staycation itself!

Try Not to Answer the Phone

While someone else is caring for a loved one, it is common to be concerned. One usually worries about the quality of care that their parents are receiving from someone else, and a phone call from a parent increases that worry. It can also be less than relaxing to answer the phone only to realize that a loved one would like to discuss upcoming doctors’ appointments. If possible, resist the urge to answer the phone.

Most caregivers find it helpful to request that people text or leave a voicemail. This allows them to filter out phone calls that are not emergencies so that they can truly enjoy their staycation like they should be.

Remember the Oxygen Mask Rule

When flying on an airplane, it is often recommended that caregivers of loved ones, including parents that are taking small children with them on the plane, put on their own oxygen mask first if there is an emergency. The theory behind this is that a person might not put on another’s oxygen mask correctly if they cannot breathe themselves.

This same theory applies to caregiving. It can be hard to properly take care of someone else if a caregiver does not tend to their own needs. This is why it is important to turn off the Fanmi phone if possible and enjoy the weekend. Most caregivers experience guilt that they are enjoying themselves while someone else is taking care of their grandparent but remembering this rule will help alleviate that guilt for a truly relaxing time.

Caregivers often find it difficult to leave town for the weekend for a vacation, but that is where a staycation comes in. People can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a vacation without leaving town, and they can return to caregiving the following week with a refreshed feeling and a positive attitude. Follow these tips to make sure that it’s an amazing staycation.

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