Quebec and 5 Other Must-Visit Cities after Retirement

Retirement often seems like the end of the world, but it can be one of the most exciting times provided you have good plans. Think about it, you have time to check some few things off the bucket list, and after 40-yrs of toiling, you should have enough put away to fund these escapades. And yes, you deserve a treat after years of hard work.

If you are planning to travel the world, which I think is the best thing you can do in your twilight years, then you need to know the places to go to, and why. Here are the 6-must visit cities after you retire.

Quebec, Canada

Though not as popular as most cities, Quebec has a lot to offer. You get a ton of free entertainment if you time your visit with the city’s festivities; it can be anything from the world’s largest winter carnival, the frigid fun, or the 11 days of summer concerts. You will also love the history and beautiful landscapes.

When it comes to history, there is Old Quebec City, which is a world heritage site. You also get a feel of living in a fortified city, and you can visit the historic churches and monuments.

As for the landscapes, you will appreciate the cobblestoned streets, the wide lakes, green valleys, and coastal cliffs. Quebec is not known as ‘la belle province’ for nothing. Accessing these areas is a breeze thanks to the local day trips by train or car.

If you are worried about communication, well, most of the folks are fluent in English, and here are some senior-centric phones that’ll keep you in touch with family and loved ones.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Renowned for its picturesque canals, and its primary mode of transportation — bicycles, Amsterdam is another must-visit city after you retire. Since you are using bikes to get around, you can be confident of a hassle-free experience and clean air in the city. These two are rarities.

Now, though cycling is reason enough to visit this city, you will also appreciate the beauty, especially the flavor of the city. It’s a city of creatives and artists. And speaking of creatives, you might want to visit some of the museums dedicated to Van Gogh or Rembrandt.

Finally, the Koningsdag celebrations on April 27th or April 26th if 27th is a Sunday are something to behold. This is a day that even the most sensible people throw caution to the wind. So, if you are looking for a city where you can let loose without repercussions, then I strongly recommend Amsterdam.

Adelaide, Australia

One shortcoming of most frequented cities is that they receive many tourists, which can be a pain. You see, most restaurants will hike the prices thanks to the influx of visitors, and there will congestion at most tourist attractions.

Well, Adelaide is one of the must-visit cities after you retire as it does not have any of the problems associated with popular destinations. Furthermore, you will love the chummy Aussies. It is also Australia’s food and wine capital. Food trucks exist in tandem with pop up bars and fine dining restaurants. Yes, you can be confident you will find something to satisfy your palate.

Another interesting feature of Adelaide is that it is a breathable city. What it lacks in the wow factor of Sydney and Melbourne, it makes up for in gentle beauty, thanks to the hills on the east, the many parks and gardens, and beautiful beaches on the west. And with a population of slightly above 1-million, it is unlikely you will feel congested.


Another city for history lovers, Athens happens to be one of the best-preserved cities among the major historic towns of old-Europe. I mean, this city was built to last, and it has done a remarkable job lasting this long. Part of the city’s appeal is the Acropolis. All ancient Greek cities have an acropolis, but only that in Athens is written with a capital letter.

You will also love the Evzones guarding the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Their pleated skirts, pompom shoes, and white stockings are pleasant to behold. And did you know that only 120 members of the Greek Army have the honor of donning this splendid uniform?

Paris, France

I wanted to avoid the popular cities, but I couldn’t help myself. The city of love had to be on this list, and not only for the romance that oozes from every sauna, museum, opera, or theatre, but also for the culture, elegance, and endless places to visit.

First, you have to experience the majestic River Seine that winds its way through the city. Walking on the Seine’s banks should be reason enough to come to this city as you will experience historical buildings, the unique bridges of the Seine, and the Seine Night Cruise.

As for culture, this is the city of great shopping with designers such as Coco Channel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. We recommend the Golden Triangle of Paris for Fashion and Couture and the Grands Boulevard and Le Marais.

By and large, it is the city of love and everything fashion.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow has more than earned its reputation to be on this list of must-visit cities after you retire. It feels like something out of a fairy-tale, and you can travel through ages just by walking through the streets. If you want to live your fairy-tale dream, then no other city beats Moscow.

If you are an art lover, you will appreciate the many museums and galleries. Theatre-goers will enjoy Moscow as it is full of major theatres, and it is the cradle of orthodoxy with 8-monasteries, and 790 Orthodox churches.


Well, there you have it; the 6-must visit cities after you retire. I have included a little bit of everything spanning around the world, so you should find a city that fascinates you. And remember to take it easy and savor the moment.

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