Seniors and Yoga: How to Get Started and Why You Will Love It

If you have decided to start an exercise routine for your senior years, congratulations! While exercise is something we should take seriously at any age, the possibility takes on added significance as we get older. This is because the benefits of exercise gains value as our bodies become less adept at taking care of us on their own. Exercise is a great way to remain fit and energetic for years to come.

The best part about this fact might be how many different options are available to those interested. This includes yoga, which has become particularly popular among seniors. This is the exercise discipline that utilizes breathing, meditation, and low-impact exercise (in the form of holding certain simple poses) to engage the body and mind with equal attention.

You can already begin to see how yoga benefits seniors.

The Rising Popularity Of Yoga For Seniors

Many seniors fail to take on an exercise regimen to help stay fit. The main problem many have expressed comes down to simply getting started. Some are concerned that their mobility issues disqualify them from being able to do anything useful. There are general concerns that starting an exercise routine after 60 is impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yoga has become popularized among seniors and senior communities for offering the benefits of exercise with an emphasis on low impact.

Yoga is great for a number of reasons. You don’t need a ton of space for it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, or you can join a senior yoga group in your area. Armed with a cellphone or smartphone for seniors, you can use social media and search engines to understand everything yoga for seniors has to offer. Even if you are unable to use your legs, there are yoga poses for senior citizens that can be explored.

The Benefits Of Senior Yoga

Obviously, you will want to speak to your doctor, before starting any sort of yoga. This is true of any exercise routine. While yoga can be considerably less demanding than jogging, or perhaps, aerobics, there are still considerations that may need to be taken into account. Your doctor can help you to determine which yoga poses are ideal for seniors like you, and which ones are best avoided.

In doing so, it will be much easier to enjoy the many benefits of yoga for 50+ seniors:

  • Yoga is a great way to promote movement without straining. It is for this reason that a certain amount of research and care should be taken, when it comes to building the safest and most effective yoga session possible. Yoga works so well for so many different people (pregnant women, those who are unable to walk etc) because it gives you all of the benefits of the best type of physical activity. At the same time, it doesn’t put nearly the same strain on what it demands from your body.
  • Yoga is also noted for its ability to promote flexibility in individuals of all ages. This improved flexibility also comes with the perk of better overall motion. This is why yoga is often used to help people stay active after an accident or injury.
  • Yoga is also wonderful for the way it promotes good health in your bones and joints. Studies show that gentle yoga can be enormously useful towards not only slowing down the loss of your bone density, but in terms of outright preventing this loss, as well. Those who suffer from osteoporosis can absolutely take advantage of everything yoga has to offer.
  • Yoga is also an exceptional tool for promoting good brain health. Not only has it been shown that yoga can keep us mentally sharp, but it also creates a state that allows for better moods. Many seniors who have tried yoga have reported not only feeling better than they had in a long time, but also sleeping better at night. There is a momentum to these benefits that leads some to feel as though they are an entirely new, better person. This can be achieved in just a few months.

At this point, it stands to reason that you’re curious. You’d like to know how to get involved with yoga. In this day and age, it is easier than ever.

Senior Yoga Tips For Newcomers

Another nice thing about yoga is that it lends itself to different personalities/needs/resources. For example, if you want to get started with yoga on your own, and in your home, you can find tons and tons of useful resources online. A senior smartphone/cell phone can be a great tool for seeing what we mean by this. You can use your device to find yoga apps, yoga tutorial videos, and detailed tips for senior citizens of every age and background.

At the same time, yoga also lends itself really well to being a group activity. This is in spite of the fact that yoga is designed to focus on oneself. Check out your senior center for more information on beginner yoga classes for seniors. Community centers can also be a great place to find yoga classes in your community. If neither of those possibilities comes up with something, consider starting a yoga group among your friends. Doing yoga as a group can be a great way to bond with others. At the same time, you don’t lose out on the benefits.

Yoga is truly ideal for a wide variety of situations and people. The benefits are obvious, and are backed by a number of studies. Yoga and mediation allow you to do more than stay in shape. You can use the sessions to reset your mind. This involves achieving a state of calm that centers your mind, as you are simultaneously giving your body the benefits of exercise.

We also like how easy it is to get started. You can devote just 20 minutes a day, which is a time demand that is easy to meet.

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