Staying Active After 60: Ideal Hobbies For Seniors

There are a lot of things to keep in mind as we age. Here are three facts that are arguably among the most important:

  • As we get older, the need for exercise becomes greater than ever. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case, including our bodies becoming less adept at maintaining themselves with little-to-no help from us.
  • There are tons and tons of awesome activities and hobbies for seniors. Even for those with mobility issues, there are some great possibilities out there for you to try. Getting older does not mean having to sacrifice everything you like to do, or would like to try. This unquestionably applies to making the transition into your autumn years.
  • Technology, including senior cellphones and smartphones, makes it easier than ever to discover hobbies, maintain a sense of community, and more.

The benefits of staying active at age 60 and beyond are numerous.

Why Is It So Important To Stay Active After 60?

A good diet, combined with sensible exercise/activity, are important at any age. However, as we get older, the importance increases. Our bodies become more fragile on a number of levels. It is true that there is only but so much one can do about that. You could also say it’s true that how we enjoy these years is something we can still control to a meaningful extent.

You don’t have to run the 10K marathon, if you don’t want to. Some do, but we’re really just talking about some basic activities and ideas to keep the body and mind strong. A few simple ideas now can give you better bones, stronger muscles, and a sharper mind. Such gifts make it considerably easier to just focus on the parts of getting older that are exciting. For example, if you just retired, you probably have some exciting plans for travel and more.

With these tips, it’ll be easy to keep up with everything you have in mind.

Great Ways To Stay Active After 60

Staying physically active as a senior is important. Another thing to remember is that being physical is not the beginning and the end of what you can do, or should strongly consider doing. Staying mentally is important, as well.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite activities and hobbies for seniors:

  • Taking care of a pet: Anything that works with the senior’s interests and overall health (in terms of taking care of the animal) can be a great way to stay active. Engaging with an animal can be good for our emotional state. If you get something along the lines of a dog, you will have an animal that will probably need regular physical exercise. There is also the psychological power of building a strong emotional bond with another creature. Furthermore, pets let you meet up with other like-minded folks, both online and in your community.
  • Starting an exercise routine: Even those with mobility issues can learn more about chair exercises, or perhaps even chair yoga. You can opt to walk for 20 minutes a day, or you can look for sports and other physical activities in your neighborhood. Check out your local senior center for suggestions, as well. Basic physical activity helps with body and mind on equal terms. It also presents another opportunity to be social, but there is plenty that can also be done on your own.
  • Look to your creative side: This is less physical than some of our suggestions, but it is just as important. From taking an art class, to signing up to learn how to cook your favorite dish, activities that engage our brains and emotions directly can be beneficial for the body, as well. This is yet another activity in which you have an opportunity to be social. If you’d rather not, keep in mind that you can use a tablet or smartphone to watch tutorial videos for pretty much ANYTHING on YouTube.
  • Something in the great outdoors: This isn’t any specific activity. We just think it can be immensely gratifying on a number of levels to look for hobbies/activities that allow you to spend time outdoors. Weather and temperature permitting, it is almost always a good idea to get some fresh air every day.
  • Dancing: This suggestion can be a tough sell for some seniors. There are also mobility issues that can potentially get in the way, depending on what you would like to do. Thankfully, there are classes for just about any type of dancing you can imagine. Furthermore, these classes can often be broken down by a range of experience levels. In other words, it will not be hard to find something that grabs your interest in the best way possible. Try to keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to bring someone along. Even just laughing together as you learn your first steps can do a world of good for your overall health.

These are just 5 possible activities for seniors. As you can probably imagine, there are many, many other fun things that you can try.

Living The Best Possible Active Senior Life

Golfing, yoga, and swimming are other great examples of fun activities for senior citizens. You can also think about scheduling a game/card night one night out of the week. That would be another example of an activity that is perfectly stimulating for the mind and heart.

Volunteering is one more possibility that is worth keeping in mind. What we want you to take from all of this is the notion that you do not have to settle for something you don’t really want to do. Yes, the need to stay active as you get older is important. No, you do not necessarily have to force yourself into activities you know you won’t enjoy.

As we mentioned earlier, technology, such as tablets and cellphones/smartphones for seniors can not only help you find and keep with your community, but it can also give you ideas, as well as the means to try some of these hobbies in your home. Find what you love, but remember to take advantage of the chance to do something fresh and exciting.

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