Staying Mobile: Great Tips To Use When Shopping For A Scooter

When seniors find that they have gotten to an age where mobility has become difficult, a mobility scooter becomes a very clear solution to this issue and could make life much easier allowing those individuals the ability to remain at home.

A mobility scooter assists seniors who are having difficulty in staying as independent and mobile as they once were and can make a huge difference with their struggles. These vehicles that are motorized and provide a seat for seniors are made to allow ease in getting around and are very user-friendly to operate.

These scooters give seniors back their independence getting them out of their home and into the community where they’re able to attend social gatherings or see their friends and family. All they need to do is pick up their cell phone, give them a call and set up the date. They can even be picked up in a car because some scooters are so lightweight and offer the capability of being folded down so they can be transported in the trunk of a vehicle.

There is a multitude of different types of motorized scooters on the market that seniors have the option of choosing from today which can be a bit overwhelming. There are key features that you need to think about which may help to narrow things down a bit and certain points that you should take into consideration in choosing one that will meet your specific needs with your mobility scooter.  Let’s take a look.

Tips To Use When Shopping For A Mobility Scooter

What Is The Suitable Terrain

Not every terrain is going to be suitable for all types of mobility scooters. Some scooters are recommended to be used only around the house area. There are those that can be used on the outside but only on sidewalks not on the asphalt like with roads. Others are ready to be used on roads, considered as ‘highway-ready’. These scooters are made with lights and even turn signals. The more powerful the motorized scooter is the more it can do. There are some that are able to go up and down curbsides as well as hills. When you’re deciding on which scooter you want, think about where you will be using it and the terrain that you will be driving on.

What Is The Weight And Is It Portable

There are small travel scooters that are able to be folded down and weigh less than 100 pounds. These can be fitted in the trunk of most cars. If you’re social and want to call up some friends or family and go out on the town, make sure to get a scooter that can be easily transported in the trunk of someone’s car.

Otherwise, a much heavier version that is capable of being driven on the roads can be your option. These are considerably heavier but have no reason to be picked up. They will just require a charge, drive them from the charging dock and back when the trip is done.

What Is The Top Speed

Most of the mobility scooters that seniors will find available for them will come in one of two different speed levels which will be approximately 4 mph for the indoor/sidewalk versions and at approximately 8 mph for the versions that are considered more for highway ready. Most seniors aren’t particularly interested in how fast a mobility scooter is able to go. The most important fact is where it is able to go. Those who may be frailer or seniors who are a bit more nervous with the mobility scooter may want an option that offers a lower speed.

How Far Can It Go On A Charge

Scooters do require frequent charging by way of a regular plug in. The number of miles that you are able to travel with each charge will vary broadly. The smaller mobility scooters may allow for 6 miles and this can include the more basic models, all the way up to approximately 30 miles for those models that are considered to be heavy-duty. It’s important to consider how far you will be traveling on a regular basis on the mobility scooter when you go shopping for yours.

What Type Of Safety Features Are Available

One of the safety features that is most important to have on your mobility scooter is anti-tip wheels in order to protect the scooter as well as you from tipping over. Also a controller that is user-friendly and single-handed will make the scooter safer. You want brakes that are simple to use and a scooter that offers an indicator for your charge level.

Those seniors who are choosing to buy a highway-ready scooter need to make sure to have all of the bells and whistles which include turn signals, front and backlights, hazard lights, a horn, as well as a rearview mirror.

What Is The Comfort Level

Comfort is extremely important when considering your mobility scooter as you will be sitting on it for a significant period of time while you are out.  Basic models are okay but may not be suitable for a longer period of time or for those who may have any type of physical difficulty such as joint or back issues. There are scooters available with extra padding in the seats, armrests that are adjustable, seats that are extra-wide, and seatbacks that can be adjusted. Check the comfort features prior to choosing a scooter.


For seniors, buying a mobility scooter can be a significant investment but a worthwhile one. There are models that come with three-wheels and are portable at a range of over $500 and then there are the higher-spec heavier duty versions that will go over the $3000 range.

With so many different mobility scooters for seniors available on the market, you are bound to find one that not only meets your specific needs and preferences but also adheres to your particular budget. Follow these tips as you write out your specifics when you begin the search for the perfect mobility scooter and you’ll surely find the mobility scooter that is right for you.

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