The Upside of Aging

Getting old is one thing that we all fear but as we do get older, we slowly begin to realize one thing – it really isn’t that bad. In fact, it can be pretty great.

Sure, you may not be as mobile or as active as you were 20 years ago but old age can often offer people a brand new lease of life. All of a sudden you have more time to do things and the stresses of adult life like work and finances are all now in the rear-view mirror.

Aging is a beautiful process and it’s one that we should learn to embrace, not fear. The positives far outweigh the negatives and these are just a few examples of the things you have to look forward to as you age.


Grandchildren are often the best thing that ever happens to grandparents. The relationship between a grandchild and their grandparent is one of the most special in both of their lives and your time together is sacred.

As a grandparent, you have the luxury of not having to worry about sleepless nights, teething or changing diapers, you can simply just enjoy their youthful innocence and their loving company. For those who are lucky enough to have grandchildren, it is one of the greatest pleasures life can bring.

More time with family and friends

When you’re in your middle ages, finding the time to just sit down and enjoy the company of your loved ones can be extremely difficult. Work commitments, raising children, financial strains and many other factors often get in the way of the time we should be spending with our nearest and dearest.

As you get older though, a lot of these burdens disappear and you find that you have more time to appreciate those who are close to you. It’s not just family who benefit from your free-time either, this is the perfect time in your life to start to spend time with old friends and revisit some old memories.

Keeping yourself active and building a healthy and sociable routine is one of the most fun, and important, things an elderly person can do. Getting hold of a suitable phone for seniors and making plans and memories with your friends is something that never gets old.

Giving back to society and volunteering

As we get older, we find ourselves with a lot more free time and for those who like to stay active, getting more involved in the community can be an incredibly fulfilling way to spend your time.

Volunteering for local charities, getting involved in local fundraising events and helping with community projects can all be great ways of not only keeping active but also meeting new members of the community and some like-minded individuals.

This is also excellent for those who feel as though they miss work a little bit or who are in need of a sense of purpose to fill some of their time. The rewards for these kinds of activities are often excellent as well and it can be a brilliant way to feel as though you are a treasured member of the community.

Wisdom and knowledge

The older you get, the clearer the world becomes. As you get older, you learn to focus more on the positive aspects of life and you have a wealth of experience to lean on. You realise what is worth worrying about and what isn’t.  This experience will serve you greatly and it can also be incredibly rewarding to pass this on to your children or grandchildren.

With this also comes a certain comfort in yourself. You know who you are and you know what makes you happy, you have witnessed a lot of change in the world and you are probably more content with yourself than you have ever been before.

Age brings perspective and your experience and mistakes, all of which seem increasingly trivial as you enter your older years, are all valuable nuggets of wisdom to be passed on to your loved ones.

Societies have always turned their eyes towards the older generation when it is in need of wisdom and advice and this is a role that should be cherished.

Senior discounts

While there a lot of benefits to aging when it comes to your time and emotional well-being, let’s not forget about one of the biggest perks of getting older – senior discounts and the money you can save.

As a senior, you can have access to discounts on a wide range of things. Restaurants, cinemas, sporting events, vacations, and medication are just a small amount of the things you could be eligible to get a discount on.

While to some senior discounts may not seem a big deal, they can be a huge help to those with a fixed income who do not have a lot of money saved for their retirement and they can also be a great thing to take advantage of if you are thinking of doing some things with your older friends.

Being in an older generation also means you are part of a target demographic and as such, companies will often have products that are specifically designed to take care of you needs.

More happiness and less stress

It may come as something of a surprise to some of you, but studies actually show that elderly people tend to be much happier than their younger counterparts.

One of the biggest reasons for this is there is less stress in life. A lot of life’s big decisions are now behind you and you can simply enjoy your time with those around you. Age will help you appreciate the things in life that are truly important and you begin to see things in a much more positive light than you perhaps did when you middle-aged.

Studies have also shown that older people handle conflict and difficult situations much better than younger people and this is likely a result of a different and more mature perspective on things.

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