Cell Phones for Seniors

Simple design, bigger buttons, larger screens and an easily accessible emergency call button.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Cell Phone for Seniors

Although seniors may not be the prime candidates to sport the latest iPhone, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t give technology a try. Having a cell phone allows them to stay in touch with their family, call for help with just a simple click of a button, and finally have all of their grandkids’ photos within reach. With that in mind, here are some things you should consider if you’re looking into cell phones for seniors.

Display Size

Our eyesight deteriorates with age, so it’s not uncommon for seniors to avoid cell phones purely because they cannot see or read anything on them. However, the market doesn’t just cater to the youth. There are quite a few cell phones for seniors that come with a large enough display suitable for all grandpas and grandmas out there.

To be sure the senior can easily use the phone without assistance, a 5-inch display (measured diagonally) should do the trick. The larger the display is, the easier it will be for the senior to type texts and make calls. Still, pay attention to the overall size of the phone. If it’s too large for their hands, and the senior is a bit shaky even when not holding a fragile device, it might be a good idea to opt for a smaller phone with a magnifying feature.

Camera Quality

Unless the senior is looking to start a career as an Instagrammer, they won’t really need a high-quality camera. Nevertheless, a 5-megapixel camera (at least) would help them snap photos in their free time. Given they are probably already retired and looking for another source of entertainment, having a good camera means the senior will be able to spend time alone without getting bored fast. Best of all, they can always have a neat grandkid photo to show to all their friends.

Keyboard Layout

When it comes to typing texts, regular phones have one advantage — their keypad also serves as a keyboard. However, the problem with those phones is the fact that each button has a few letters on it. That can easily slow down the whole process of sending a simple text to a family member.

Thus, a digital QWERTY keyboard is the best choice overall. With it, the senior has the whole layout right in front of them, so they’re unlikely to make a mistake. The only thing that might bother them is the lack of physical buttons. Also, they would have to get a smartphone to make use of this keyboard.

Additional Settings and Features

The very best cell phones for seniors usually come with additional features that can easily boost the person’s quality of life. For example, some phones have a separate emergency button that dials a family member when the senior is in distress. That could come in handy if the person is seriously ill but lives alone.

On the other hand, you also have to keep security in mind. Of course, if you’re looking into cell phones for seniors, getting the latest version of the iPhone is unnecessary. However, even a small investment is still an investment, so you should want to protect it. For that, fingerprint recognition is the best option, although it’s available with smartphones only. It would allow the senior to protect their device without having to remember a password.

Final Thoughts

The elderly don’t really care about the newest cameras, whether they can install 20+ apps, or how useful their phone would be for taking Instagram pics. All they want is something that would allow them to live their best life.

Luckily, when it comes to cell phones for seniors, it’s evident that functionality trumps the latest technology each time.  There are some real gems out there that could help every grandma and grandpa stay safe and entertained!

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